Dialogue and cooperation


In December 2007, we formed the Foundation Bureau of Social Initiative (Biuro Inicjatyw Społecznych – BIS), an independent organization whose goal is to support the strong non-governmental sector. We have been realizing it to this day in cooperation with councilsand remaining open to business partners.


We want the residents to decide about the matters which concern them through dialogue and cooperation. It is important for us that non-governmental organizations effectively realize their mission through the commitment of people. We participate in the dialogue of creating a better law, favourable to social and civic activity.

The representatives of BIS are chosen to the Lesser Poland Council of Public Benefit and Cracow Council of Public Benefit Activity, are members of selection boards, experienced experts in the field of organization growth, social economy, participation and local cooperation. We realize all projects in cooperation with organizations and local councils in Lesser Poland.

We belong to the Non-Governmental Organization Support Network “SPLOT” (Sieć Wspierania Organizacji Pozarządowych “SPLOT”), which acts to strengthen the non-governmental sector in Poland.


  • XII 2007

    notarial act of formation of the Foundation Bureau of Social Initiative (Biuro Inicjatyw Społecznych – BIS)

  • 2009

    joining the national Non-Governmental Organization Support Network “SPLOT”

  • 2010

    formation of the Regional Volunteer Centre

  • 2013

    we test the model of the District Civic Centre

  • 2014

    – we realize the grant Programme of the Civic Initiative Fund Lesser Poland Locally (FIO Małopolska Lokalnie)
    – certificate of the “SPLOT” Network in the areas: Centre of Civic Activity, Centre of Non-Governmental Organizations
    – Regional Volunteer Centre is a separate organization
    – Grand Prix prize “Crystals of Salt” from the Marshal of the Lesser Poland Region

  • 2015

    – we head the Civic Centre in Cracow
    – we test the trial programme for councillors
    – we begin to conduct business activity



people have participated
in the realization of local undertakings


initiative groups have received
financial and procedural support


organizations in Lesser Poland
have benefitted


training courses




organizations in Lesser Poland
in creating Cooperation Programmes of councils
with organizations

In 2014 we received the Crystals of Salt (Kryształy Soli) prize from the Marshal of the Lesser Poland Region “for extraordinary commitment for the benefit of strengthening the potential of the non-governmental sector, the integration and professionalization of the third sector and building bridges between the residents, organizations and councils”.


We educate and support citizens, non-governmental organizations and councils in efficiently realizing goals. It is important for us to work professionally and consistently.

We realize three essential Programmes


Committed residents who “take matters into their own hands” are betterfunctioning communities.

Co robimy - mieszkańcy

We aspire to a situation in which people will be interested in the matters of the community they live in and will be able to combine their strength to work for the “common good”. By supporting groups of residents we want to demonstrate possibilities such as: self-organization, cooperation between groups and institutions, local partnerships, social consultation, local initiative or civic budget.


Civic organizations are an area for people’s creative activity and are formal partners for councils in the realization of social needs.

Co robimy - organizacje

Organizations face a number of challenges. Improving the effects of organization’s activities requires a set of skills and systematic development of competencies from their representatives. Only informed organizations, with the knowledge of procedures and the needs of the residents, can be significant partners for councils in the realization of common goals.


They are our primary rules, which we realize acting for the growth of social activity and a strong non-governmental sector in Lesser Poland.

Co robimy - dialog

We think of organizations and social activity in the broader context of supporting the development of civic society. It requires including a broad representation of the organization into the dialogue and cooperation to create a better law. We encourage developing the cooperation of organizations with councils and business. Cooperation and commitment leads us to mutual successes!

  1. The most important events with the participation of BIS significant for the non-governmental sector in Cracow:
  • Formation of the Cracow Civic Organization Agreement, the purpose of which was the strengthening of the cooperation between the organizations and the Cracow council
  • Long-Term Cooperation Programme with non-governmental organizations
  • Formation of the Commission of Civic Dialogue
  • The concept of Civic Centre developed by the community
  • Initiation of the Civic Centre in Cracow
  1. The most important activities with the participation of BIS significant for the growth of the non-governmental sector in Lesser Poland:
  • Representative successes concerning the creation of the Long-Term Cooperation Programme between councils and organizations in Lesser Poland, creation of the Personal Contribution Fund in the Lesser Poland region
  • Formation of the Federation Non-Governmental Lesser Poland in 2015 and cooperation with 30 organizations, with the aim of building a strong and respected sector